The Next Event

 #EntrepreneursOfTomorrow @ Event Santa Cruz

Who are the next NextSpacers? Who will be the next Ted Holladay or Nina Simon? Who is going to give James Durbin a run for his money? What next amazing start up will grow out of Santa Cruz? Find out at this months Event Santa Cruz #EntrepreneursOfTomorrow talk at the MOD starting at 5:30 on the 26th of March. Come hear from the next generation of Entrepreneurs (18 years old and younger).

5:30 — Experience the MOD

6:30 — The Main Event 

Scheduled Speakers:

  • Zohar Wouk — Futuristic Lights
  • Matt Ruiz — Matt Ruiz Music
  • Alex Ferriera, Brandon Rossi, and Justin Lyle — Nerau
  • Oliver Mueller Tuescher — Musician
  • Hailey Loehde-Woolard — 
  • Simon Gilbert — Photographer
  • Speaker #7 — TBA Soon
  • Speaker #8 — TBA Soon

Alex Ferriera ~ Brandon Rossi ~ Justin Lyle


Zohar Wouk

and Team

Futuristic Lights



Matt Ruiz Music

Studio Holladay ShieldStudio Holladay are proud to support Event Santa Cruz as an organization working to change Santa Cruz for the better.


Mueller Tuescher




All around awesome teen