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Pleasure Point Night at the Santa Cruz Boardroom

Pleasure Point is a world renowned surf location, 2.0 square miles of rich Santa Cruz history, and has some of our favorite places to eat, drink, and buy a skate or surfboard. But that is just the surface. What makes Pleasure Point such an amazing locale? Come July 23rd and listen to local business owners answer just that..

July 23rd at Santa Cruz Boardroom located at 825 41st Ave.

6:00 - Doors open – Food, drinks, hang out, network, mingle, etc…

 7:00 — The Main Event: Speakers Begin

Scheduled Speakers 

  • Terry Campion – Santa Cruz Boardroom

  • David Adams -  David Adams Salon

  •  Michael L. Zwerling - KSCO

  • John Pickart – Chill Out Cafe

  • Sarah Ferguson - New Bohemia Brewing Co
  • Speaker #6 – TBA Soon
  • Music Guest - The Santa Cruz Cypher Sessions



Owner of the Santa Cruz Boardroom



David Adams Salon




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