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Event Santa Cruz  1973

For what ever reason, what ever was in the water, 1973 was an explosive and successful year for Santa Cruz businesses. It’s just amazing when we started digging and finding all the iconic Santa Cruz businesses that started that year. For 42 years these businesses have been making their mark on the Santa Cruz community.

But what was happening in 1973, what was Santa Cruz like then? Why did these people decide to start their business then? It is time to hear from the juggernauts themselves.

Welcome to Event Santa Cruz 1973.

We are excited to have this months event at the new retail location - Berdels @ 1233 Pacific Ave.

April 30th, 2015

 6:15 — Appetizers by Lionfish Supperclub

7:00 — The Main Event

Scheduled Speakers:

  • Richard Novak — NHS Inc
  • Erik Johnson — Erik’s DeliCafé
  • Cathy Calfo  —  California Certified Organic Farmers
  • Neal Coonerty — BookShop Santa Cruz
  • Monica Martinez — Encompass Community Services
  • Music Guest #1 — TBA Soon
  • Music Guest #2 — TBA Soon



Nhs Inc



BookShop Santa Cruz



Erik’s DeliCafé

Studio Holladay ShieldStudio Holladay are proud to support Event Santa Cruz as an organization working to change Santa Cruz for the better.