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#EntrepreneursOfTomorrow @ Event Santa Cruz

Who are the next NextSpacers? Who will be the next Ted Holladay or Nina Simon? Who is going to give James Durbin a run for his money? What next amazing start up will grow out of Santa Cruz? Find out at this months Event Santa Cruz #EntrepreneursOfTomorrow talk at the MOD starting at 5:30 on the 26th of March. Come hear from the next generation of Entrepreneurs (18 years old and younger).

5:30 — Experience the MOD

6:30 — The Main Event 

Scheduled Speakers:

  • Zohar Wouk, Abe Jellinek and Abe Karplus— Futuristic Lights
  • Matt Ruiz — Matt Ruiz Music
  • Alex Ferriera, Brandon Rossi, and Justin Lyle —  ChangeBound
  • Oliver Mueller Tuescher — Musician
  • Hailey Loehde-Woolard  — Scientist
  • Simon Gilbert — Photographer
  • Sarah Rose  — Singer / Song writer
  • Max Bowman — Designer
  • Courtney Laschkewitsch — Entrepreneur 
  • Auden Heitzler - Sleepy Animal