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Event Santa Cruz : Photobomb!

Santa Cruz is one of the most beautiful places in the world to photograph. Maybe that is why there are so many amazing photographers here. So for the August event all our speakers are from behind the lens. And to add to the event our plan is to make this the most photographed Santa Cruz event in history. How are we going to do that? Stay tuned…

August 20th at Abbott Square 

6:00 – Doors open – Food, wine, hang out, network, mingle, but most of all taking pictures

 7:00 — The Main Event: Speakers Begin

Scheduled Speakers 

  • Shmuel Thaler 

  • Giancarlo Thomae 

  • Yvonne Falk 

  • David Dennis 

  • Anthony Alcala

  • Aimee Pool 

  • Music Guest - TBA soon