MERGE4 Releases Blondie Collaboration Socks  

December 1, 2021

Santa Cruz-based sock brand, MERGE4, is proud to announce a brand new collaboration with the legendary band, Blondie. The collaboration features three sock designs featuring Blondie’s iconic artwork. Co-founded by guitarist, Chris Stein, and singer, Deborah Harry, Blondie helped pioneer new wave music...

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The mac and cheese we love just got gooder with – Goodles

November 22, 2021

The world of food will never be the same! Check out our interview with Jen Zeszut, Co-Founder and CEO of Gooder Foods Inc. In the interview, not only did we get to try Goodles (we had the Cheddy Mac) but we learn...

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Removing the Mask: Local Act, Mokili Wa, Open Up About Their Origins, Influences and Message to the World

November 8, 2021

By Mat Weir In the Langala and Lari languages, Mokili Wa means “world, listen.” More than a phrase, it’s a call to arms. A challenge for the world to stop, pause and pay attention to what is happening around us....

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Midtown Fridays! Summer Block Party – October 29th The Finale

November 4, 2021

Another Amazing Midtown Fridays! Summer Block Party last week (And it was the finale). Thank you to everyone who came, the vendors, the bands, Off The Lip Radio Show for bringing the music every week and our sponsors (Choose Santa...

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