OH KEI! Roundcat Racing’s Big Love for Japan’s Tiny Trucks

April 28, 2021

By Mat Weir Trucks. They’re big. They’re macho. They’re All-American. Usually it doesn’t even matter if you necessarily need a truck to own one. So many of us use them for grocery store runs or taking the kids to soccer...

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Video Spotlight of Chef Jessica Yarr from Chicken Foot

April 27, 2021

Watch the super cool video spotlight of chef Jessica Yarr from Chicken Foot made by local video creator Drew McLeod Crocker from CrockerCreations. [embed][/embed] Check out Jessica Yarr and Chicken Foot at our Midtown Friday Block Paries. The block parties...

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Dance with Charleigh France and the Freedom Blvd Dance Company

April 21, 2021

Freedom Blvd Dance Co is a new dance school located in Corralitos Ca. Santa Cruz County. The owner, Charleigh France, has dreamed of owning her own school since the young age of 12 and at the age of 32 she...

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MERGE4 Now At the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

April 9, 2021

Sustainable sock brand, MERGE4 is kicking off summer with socks at the historic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Boardwalk visitors can now stock up on MERGE4 socks at Santa Cruz Threads kiosk at the end of the Double Shot ride and should be...

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