Event Santa Cruz is a monthly happening that showcases thriving local businesses, and the people behind them.

Each month we have 8 to 10 entrepreneurs speak for 4 minutes each about what drives and motivates them to do what they do. We invite the community to come listen to, interact with, and be inspired by our speakers’ passion and their often long, rocky journeys to success. Events are hosted in a variety of unique Santa Cruz locations such as: The Nick, The MAH, Assembly, Cosmic, The Verve Roastery, and even the empty building of a future brewery. Most of the time food and drinks from local vendors are provided.

Our events provide valuable (and fun!) networking opportunities, delicious bites and drinks from local vendors, and live shows by talented local musicians. But the most important part of Event Santa Cruz is the inertia you get from listening to the success stories of local entrepreneurs who are deeply engaged in the Santa Cruz community.

If you’re interested in volunteering or speaking at our next event, or if you’d like to showcase your artistic or culinary talents for the Santa Cruz community, please contact Matthew Swinnerton at Matthew@EventSantaCruz.com. We’d love to have you at our next event!

Meet the Team

Julia Sinn

Sarah Guidon

Agathe Drouet

Jill Stone

Matthew Swinnerton



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