Sereia Design & Consulting

We are a passionate collective of services, products and offerings dedicated to reminding our community to embrace their uniqueness. That life is meant to be enjoyed and that creating beautiful things is for everyone.
Our Collective’s beliefs are centered around:

Product: Artisan-made collection of handcrafted goods, created with authenticity and love.
Curated leather, upholstery fabrics, woolen remnants, and recycled woven materials intentionally chosen to create one-of-a-kind unique products.
Each uniquely repurposed item takes its new shape and form based on the size, color, and pattern of the fabric pieces. Combining the artistic exterior with functional closures, handles, straps and utilitarian interiors, the finished product is as appealing on the outside as practical on the inside.
Small batch offerings are all built by hand; materials are hand cut, holes are hand punched, rivets added by hand and tabletop press, leather is sewn using industrial leather sewing machine, linings sewn using home sewing machines.

Education: Education is the gift that lasts a lifetime.
Supporting creativity and making a place to create is our goal. From children to adults, beginner to intermediate; courses will encourage your creativity, teach basic skills and safety, and break down ideas into workable steps so you can make projects come alive.
We hope to share with you lessons you can take home so that YOU can hone your own craft that brings you joy.

Consulting: Improving everyday tools and processes to help your business succeed.
Working together, we hope to develop close relationships and share knowledge gained through decades of experience in product design, development, and manufacturing that convert your ideas into polished, practical, and executable processes. With our passion for the apparel industry, we are dedicated to working with you and your team to improve performance and create functional solutions for customers of every level.


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