Yayah Designs

Address: 2715 Porter St #211 Soquel CA 95073

Hi, I’m Davaryah, AKA Yayah.
I’m the heart, hands, and passion behind Yayah Designs, where I believe jewelry is much more than just an accessory, it’s a way to express oneself, unleash creativity, and build connections. My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, the symbolism of spirit animals, the mysteries of astrology, and the patterns of sacred geometry.

In my work at Yayah Designs, I’m committed to quality craftswomanship. I carefully select the finest materials for each piece, ensuring beauty and durability. I use split rings, similar to tiny key chains, to make sure each piece is built to last. I aim to create jewelry that you can treasure for years to come. I use the best genuine gemstones, high-quality metals, chains, and charms and hand make truly unique jewelry designs.

But I don’t stop at traditional jewelry. I’ve introduced Body Chains and Body Bands into the mix, challenging the norms with innovative versatile jewelry designs. A unique double clasp system enables endless customization, allowing you to express your unique style in new and exciting ways.

Yayah Design is an invitation to you to express your individuality and share your story through wearable art. It’s about making a statement and wearing jewelry that resonates with your journey and celebrates your unique identity.


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