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 | December 7, 2019

Recently our favorite local Nomad in Residence Emma showed us around Santa Cruz’s only community acupuncture company, Flux. Emma talks about why she goes and what it is all about.

I can’t remember the first time I got acupuncture, it was probably in the early 2000s when I was living in Montreal. Since then I have traveled the world – over 60 countries – and had acupuncture or acupressure in close to a dozen cities. I have some hilarious stories about confused Chinese doctors in Vietnam, Hong Kong and China who didn’t speak English and were wondering what this white girl was doing in their offices and overly critical practitioners in Australia who didn’t agree with my nomadic lifestyle. But never have I come across a more enjoyable acupuncture experience that is Flux Community Acupuncture.

Before I get into the details of Flux, let me tell you a bit about why I go to get acupuncture. Granted, it is part of my larger preventative health practice but it plays a crucial low cost and human part. I mainly go to acupuncture as a preventative treatment before feeling sick or overwhelmed or burned-out. It helps to keep my energy moving (my chi) and my immune system working at a high level. I haven’t been sick in nearly 4 years and have rarely gotten sick since committing to acupuncture 15 years ago. However, life does happen and when my anxiety is high or I’m having trouble with my plantar fasciitis from running, or just needing to slow down and take a minute or 50 I go in for a treatment. I am also a recovering busybody so slowing down and making the effort to be still is also part of the reason I go to Flux regularly.

Flux acupuncture has locations on the Westside of Santa Cruz (near Verve and New Leaf) and one in Watsonville (off Freedom Blvd). I first discovered Flux about 18 months ago when living on the Westside of Santa Cruz. What first drew me to the office was their price point 20$-40$ because I was on a fixed and limited budget. However, what kept me coming back were the familiar and warm faces that greeted me every time I dropped in (sidebar – Flux generally prefers if you made an appointment ahead of time but they also allow for drop ins if you can be patient and flexible), the highly skilled practitioners (all the practitioners are trained acupuncturists most of them graduates from the local five branches university of Chinese medicine) and the big comfy Lazy boy chairs, the cozy blankets and the super Zen music. I now try to go roughly every 3 weeks and sometimes just cause I’m in the neighborhood and they are open.

If you are a veteran acupunctionee (person who gets acupuncture) like me Flux is great because I can go in and ask for specific things and know I don’t have to go through a huge intake every time (intake forms anyone?). If you have never tried acupuncture or maybe tried it once and felt the dent in your wallet, Flux is a great place to start. Each of the roughly 7 staff members have experience with newbies and are super warm and gentle. You can ask your questions and maybe just get a needle or two to start – no pressure and lots of love. Trust me, once you feel the side effects for yourself you will continue to come back again and again.

One more thing, they are having an open house on December 10th (10-6:30 in Santa Cruz, 2-6 in Watsonville). Sessions will be on discount and they will be talking about all thing acupuncture. I’ll be there and I hope you will too.

So check out the video we made with the owner of Flux Caitlin Elfving.

Learn more about Flux Acupuncture Launge at

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