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Relatefulness: The Art of Connection

07:00 pm
418 Project & Kedar Shashidhar LLC
155 River St S, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

Relatefulness and Circling is the art & practice of training mindful ways of relating with others. They can be thought of as relational meditations where, instead of bringing our awareness back to a mantra or the breath, we practice bringing our awareness back to “What is it like to be here, now, with this individual human or in this particular constellation of humans?”

While this often looks like a group of people sitting in a circle, movement is welcome. We also practice skill-building exercises in small groups or pairs.

There are two main formats for Relatefulness and Circling –– Relateful Focus (or Birthday Circles), where we choose an individual and explore what it’s like to be them and in connection with them in the moment, and Relateful Flow (or Surrendered Leadership Circles), where our individual and collective focus is free to flow wherever it wants to amongst the whole group.

Relatefulness: The Art of ConnectionRelatefulness: The Art of Connection


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