Managing Social Media in a Covid-19 Era Webinar

April 28, 2020
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Managing your social media for your business has always had its challenges. But now with the new norm of the Coronavirus, new challenges come into play. How are local business owners and marketers changing the way they use social media? What has been working for them and what has not?

Join us for this free webinar, hosted by the SBDC, as we listen to local businesses that have adapted their business and social media marketing to the changing circumstances.

Host: Matthew Swinnerton, Programs Director for Santa Cruz Works and Founder of Event Santa Cruz

Panelists: Frank Scott Krueger of Humble Sea Brewing Co., David Dennis from Ventana Surfboards & Supplies and Jennalee Dahlen of Yoso Wellness Spa

Special Guests: Jill Stone from Miller Maxfield, Inc. and Bryce Root of The Root Group


Frank Scott Krueger

Humble Sea Brewing Co

Jennalee Dahlen

Yoso Wellness Spa

David Dennis

Ventana Surfboards & Supplies

Jill Stone

Miller Maxfield, Inc.

Bryce Root

The Root Group.

Matthew Swinnerton

Event Santa Cruz

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