New Music January

Jan 1 to Jan 31
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New Music January supports and discovers local musicians from across Santa Cruz County by giving artists a platform to showcase their music. Event Santa Cruz, Sonivore Studio, The City of Santa Cruz Arts Commission, and Arts Council Santa Cruz County have joined forces to build bridges between our community’s rich and diverse music scene to connect musicians to each other and you. Every other day during the month of January we’ll release new music videos on this page for you to check out. You can also support musicians like these folks by donating to Sonivore Studio or directly to Solo Tracks.

This year we have new videos from The Expendables, Mokili Wa, Amplified., Alecia Haselton, Taylor Rae, Alwa Gordon, Danny Flavors, The Dylan Rose Band, Mak Nova, Pacific Roots, Lyndsay Stone, Sarah Rose, Morgen, Floratura, Dead Nettle, Beautiful Deception, Jason Knight, Kenny Valentine, August Stevens, Eastcliff, and many more…

Check out last years videos here

The Santa Cruz music scene is about to undergo a major evolution! Sonivore Studio/Inc is rolling out an immersive, highly supportive project entitled Solo Tracks. Solo Tracks is a ten-day production project that guides artists through the process of bringing to life and releasing a professionally recorded single! It is free for the artists and addresses the severe resource disparity ever-present in our musician population. It builds and fortifies networks of artistic collaboration and deepens our community’s relationship to music as more than entertainment.

More local music being showcased equals a truly representative and enriched culture. Imagine what would be possible if we invested in dozens of local artists like this each year! The City of Santa Cruz Arts Commission has partnered with Sonivore Studios to launch Solo Tracks, and we want you to join the movement. Your donation provides resources, connections, and support. Local artists access professionals who walk them to their next level of success. You benefit, too. Your gift sustains the music that brings you joy and feeds your soul.



Mokili Wa

The Expendables

Alwa Gordon

Taylor Rae

Mak Nova


August Stevens

Alecia Haselton

Pacific Roots

Danny Flavors

The Dylan Rose Band

Lyndsay Stone

Sarah Rose



Dead Nettle

Beautiful Deception

Kenny Valentine

Jason Knight



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