The 3rd Annual PhotoBomb! Night

October 23rd 2019
6:00 to 8:30
Hotel Paradox
611 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

Event Santa Cruz and Hotel Paradox invite you to the 3rd Annual

PhotoBomb! Night.

Come see and hear stories / lightning talks from local photographers, videographers, drone operators and find out why they do what they do, the story behind the lens.

Keynote Speaker: Frederick Van Johnson from This Week In Photo
Local speakers include:
Speaker #1: Elizabeth Birnbaum –
Speaker #2: Bernardo Salce –
Speaker #3: Jules Holdsworth –
Speaker #4: Michael Horn – Photojournalist at NBC
Speaker #5: Kerri Johnson & Anna Lee-Poli from Owl Eye Media
Speaker #6: Sean McLean –
Speaker #7: Keana Parker –
Speaker #8: April Burkhart –
Speaker #9: Taylor Boone –
Music guest: Lindsey Wall


5:30 – Early entry for dinner (Drinks and food will be available for sale from Hotel Paradox)
6:00 – Event officially starts (mixer hour)
7:00 – Presentations
8:30 – Presentations end

Vendors include:
Leyla Kuhn Photography
PhotoBloom AR
Michelle Robertson Photography
Fujifilm Open Innovation Hub
Open Show Santa Cruz
Jake J. Thomas

Sound by JBQAV


Keynote Speaker Frederick Van Johnson

Keana Parker

April Burkhart

Bernardo Salce

Elizabeth Birnbaum

Sean McLean

Jules Holdsworth

Taylor Boone

Michael Horn

Kerri Johnson & Anna Lee-Poli

Owl Eye Media

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