MERGE4 Socks Makes Waves at the Second Annual Endless Summer + Dana Point Film Festival


 | April 25, 2024

MERGE4 Socks, a brand synonymous with creativity, comfort, performance and sustainable socks, is excited to announce its participation in the second annual oceans film festival hosted by Endless Summer Events in Dana Point, California, from May 2-5, 2024. This awesome festival, dedicated to marine life, surfing, and our profound connection with the sea, promises an engaging lineup of community events, enriching cultural happenings, stirring musical performances, and enlightening discussions.

Nestled in the heart of a Whale Heritage Site (WHS) and renowned as the “Whale and Dolphin Capital of the World,” Dana Point serves as the perfect backdrop for this four-day festival celebrating documentary filmmaking. With a focus on conservation, exploration, education, ocean adventure, and the world of surfing, the festival is set to captivate audiences and inspire a deeper appreciation for our oceans.

MERGE4 Socks will be at the event, offering an exclusive collection of socks, t-shirts, and sweatshirts designed specifically for Endless Summer. Festival-goers can expect a fusion of comfort, style, and performance in every MERGE4 product, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and creativity.

DPFF takes pride in presenting the Dana Point premieres of highly anticipated surf and marine life feature films and shorts, including:

“Uncle Bully’s Surf Skool” – A powerful narrative showcasing one person’s ability to shape a more hopeful future for the next generation. Providing “surf-side access” to Uncle Bully’s unique approach on the water, the film explores his impact on young minds and serves as a visual documentary of Lahaina, Maui, pre-and-post-fire disaster, and a story of resilience.

“The Impossible Wave” – Chronicles the 27-year journey of Fernando Aguerre to bring surfing to the Olympic Games. This compelling story reveals the challenges and determination behind putting the sport on the world’s biggest stage.

“SEND KELP!” – A tale of hope and eco-ambition featuring a seaweed enthusiast’s quest to save the world by starting a kelp farm. With breathtaking underwater cinematography reminiscent of “My Octopus Teacher” and the charm of “The Biggest Little Farm,” this film introduces viewers to the surprising world of kelp and how it might just change the world.

MERGE4 Socks is so happy and honored to be part of this extraordinary event, where passion for the sea converges with creativity. 

About MERGE4 Socks: MERGE4 is a sock brand that merges performance with creativity. Known for their bold designs, comfort, performance and durability, MERGE4 creates products that stand out and make a statement. For more information, visit

About the Endless Summer + Dana Point Film Festival: The Endless Summer + Dana Point Film Festival is an annual event celebrating the wonders of the sea through documentary filmmaking. Focused on marine life, surfing, and ocean exploration, the festival aims to inspire a deeper connection between communities and the ocean. For more information, visit

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