August Sun


The band was started by singer/songwriter and guitarist Christian Walsh, blending folk, blues, and straight ahead rock n’ roll, creating an upbeat, original classic sound with a contemporary grit from the Santa Cruz mountains of California. He is joined by Dan Knox on lead guitar, Brendan Brose on bass, Tony Whittaker on keyboards and backing vocals, and Jonny Hampton on drums and backing vocals.

Together they create a high energy, toe tapping rock n’ roll sound of original mountain rock music that will keeps you dancing, and satisfies the music pallet of all ages with a classic sound of an era all but forgotten and an energy that screams ‘ Rock n’ Roll”!

Tour Worthy “Born of the Santa Cruz hillside that spans the cover of their debut LP ‘mountainside’, August Sun is a band that rocks. A heavy-handed almost rhythmic backbone supports the band’s bluesy leads. August Sun don’t limit themselves to one genre, but it doesn’t take long to see the influences of classic rockers like Tom Pettyand Stevie Ray Vaughn in their stage presence and their original songwriting.”


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