Cement Ship


2019 NEXTies Band of the Year

Cement Ship was launched on January 1st, 2017 in Santa Cruz, California by singer/songwriter Tim Brady, just three weeks before the SS Palo Alto (the band’s namesake) was torn apart by heavy storm waves.

The music is inspired by the sea and it’s dynamic nature. The acoustic guitar style and singing tone from Tim can fit a wide array of genres, but maintains a natural and stripped down approach for the sound. Honest and raw, sweet and smoky. It has been described as ‘Americana Soul’ and ‘Beach Folk’.

Less then two years after playing it’s first show, Cement Ship won 2019 NEXTies ‘Band of the Year’ for Event Santa Cruz, and has played shows in various states in the USA as well as a 10 show tour of the U.K. in July 2019.

The song and music video for ‘Let’s Break Apart Together’, filmed live on Seacliff Beach in front of the actual Cement Ship, has received a great deal of positive feedback from the local community leading the band to play at the 100th year celebration of it’s namesake.

The name comes from a Monterey Bay landmark, the SS Palo Alto. Built too late to be used in WW1, the 100 year old ship was grounded at Seacliff State Beach in Aptos and now serves as an artificial reef for marine life, including great white sharks.

Music categories include: Singer/songwriter, folk, indie, acoustic rock, soul, americana.

Tim Brady – vocal, acoustic guitar

Kai Hoornbeck – Bass

Ryan Navaroli – Sax

Paul Chronopoulos – Drums/guitar



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