Taylor Rae

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The 2017 Santa Cruz NEXTies “Musician of the Year.”

Taylor Rae is a guitarist/singer/songwriter born and raised in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California. She released her first studio album, “Gettin’ High to Stay Low” in 2014 while living in Los Angeles. Now at 25, Taylor has found a way to modernize her unique 60s & 70’s inspired sound while blending r&b, jazz, funk and blues/rock into a beautiful melting pot of organic music she calls “Soul and Roll”. In 2017 she was awarded the Santa Cruz NEXTies “Musician of the Year.” She is a full time performer – capping it off at 160 shows last year. With a recent move to Austin, Texas, Taylor plans to finish writing and recording her upcoming album as well as immersing herself in the live music scene there.


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