NUBO’S Last Weekend


 | February 23, 2024

Over the last 9 years we have been super fans of New Bohemia Brewing Co. We have had such a great time getting to know Dan and Sarah. We have also had some of our favorite events at the Brewery. From the Think Local First night (a month before NUBO was even open) to the huge sold out Jesse Daniel & Friends show in the parking lot. And most of all we enjoyed some pretty darn good beer 🍻.

Wishing the whole NUBO team the best in whatever is next.

Letter from New Bohemia Brewing Co.

To all of our friends,
NUBO is closing. Two weeks short of nine years selling craft lagers and hoppy ales, we have decided to shut down our little brewery in Pleasure Point. Ultimately, that is really all that needs to be said. Anything more is just a long, and difficult conversation about operating a business today. But, to give a little perspective, I should add that this decision was not made in haste. My wife and I have talked for months about what to do, how to manage, and where we really want to be spending our time. In the end, we feel that time is what we are short of and what we want most. NUBO has given me years of amazing experiences. As a brewer, it was the pinnacle of my career of being able to do anything I want as an artist and a brewer. Having brewed more than 100 different lagers and ales here at NUBO, my goals have been met. I have made friends all over the country and the world, amazing people who have rolled into the brewery for a beer and a laugh. I am filled with the satisfaction of being a part of a community of good people and supporting that community through donations, music, festivals, great beer and food, and a legacy of excellent staff. There have been specific moments of first dates that have turned into marriages, 80th birthday parties (my father’s Captain F.G.S.), retirement celebrations, 21st first beer experiences, families and friends meeting in our sunny beer garden, they will always make me feel like we accomplished our most important goal; making people happy. What will we do next? We hear that all the time. Honestly, I cannot say. I have given my entire life to NUBO for the past ten years and I really just want a few months to let that all settle in before I move on. Beer has been my life for more than 25 years. Sometimes it feels like 100 years and sometimes I feel like I filled my first carboy with an oatmeal stout just yesterday. My children are my focus of the future. Time is too short and they will soon be creating their own destiny. I just want to share as much time as I can loving and laughing with them before they make their own way. Yes, NUBO is closing its doors for the last time this Sunday. So, come by one more time, open this Saturday and Sunday, and bring a friend to enjoy fresh local lagers and ales and raise a glass to all the good times we have shared and to all the possibilities that are yet to come.

Yours in thirst,
Dan and Sarah


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