S.C. Bread Boy Introduces Emerald Mallard – Celebrating local flavors


 | July 9, 2024

From Humble Sea Brewing Co. social media:

Earlier this year, Humble Sea Tavern reopened with a pop-up kitchen by @s.c.bread_boy featuring rotating menus and, of course, our beers. Our hearts are in Felton, the hometown of our co founders, making this project incredibly special to us. 💖
We quickly (like… real fast) realized what an amazing following and out-of-this-world support Lance had along with the Felton beer community behind us, and we knew we had to make this a permanent fixture for our lovely lil mountain town. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the fantastic Lance, to bring you Emerald Mallard! ⚜️🦆
Lance brings his incredible culinary talents to the table, allowing us to focus on what we do best – making kick-ass beer. Emerald Mallard is all about celebrating local flavors, working with nearby farms and fisheries to create an ever-changing menu based on what’s growing, running, flying, or swimming around us. 🌱🌊🍃 We love to have fun, so expect the menu to change weekly!
Follow @the_emerald_mallard for updates and visit the link in our bio to view their rotating menu. Their Instagram will have all the latest and greatest updates on what the Emerald Mallard has to offer (and it’s a lot)!

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