Santa Cruz Musicians Alex and Justina Lucero’s Terrifying Maui Experience: From Day Off to Desperate Escape Up Haleakala Volcano


 | July 9, 2024

Santa Cruz musicians Alex and Justina Lucero experienced an unexpected terrifying experience during their recent trip to Maui, Hawaii. After being hired to perform at show, the couple decided to take a day off to explore the island. Renting a car, they set off to visit a popular tourist attraction. However, their relaxing day took a terrifying turn when a truck approached them from behind. The armed driver carjacked them, and in their desperate attempt to escape, they unknowingly ran up Maui’s Haleakala volcano. For the full story, watch Inside Edition’s Jim Moret cover this harrowing experience. We can’t say enough how happy we are that they are safe and back home.

The song they wrote about the ordeal

Here is what Alex wrote on his social media:

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