The Top Dog Film Festival


 | January 24, 2024

TOP DOG Film Festival

March 23rd, 7 PM, Rio Theatre

Supporting the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter

The Top Dog Film Festival makes a stop at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, allowing dog lovers from all walks of life to experience the enchantment and deep emotional connections shared between humans and their furry friends. From heart-warming stories, to jaw- dropping adventures, this year’s film selection promises to leave no stone unturned in celebrating the incredible bond shared between dog and human.
This year’s lineup of films includes a diverse range of films that are sure to evoke a range of emotions from laughter to tears. Audiences can expect heartwarming tales of rescue dogs finding their forever homes, incredible stories of courageous canines overcoming obstacles, and touching narratives that illustrate the unwavering loyalty and devotion that dogs possess.
As an inclusive and family- friendly event, theTop Dog Film Tour provides a welcoming space for dog lovers of all ages. Join us for a YAPPY HOUR at Sante Adairius Midtown Portal before the show. A portion of sales will benefit the Shelter. Tickets and information visit

Sponsored by Event Santa Cruz, Pet Pals, WOOFPACK, Melissa’s Grooming Services, Westside Animal Hospital

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  1. Love that the Top Dog Film Festival is coming to Santa Cruz! Can’t wait to see some of the best dog movies showcased in one event. 🐶🎬

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