Alwa Gordon Celebrates Release of Debut Album “Thanks for Waiting” with Hometown Release Show


 | December 2, 2022

Santa Cruz: With live music making a comeback in Santa Cruz county, local show promoter and hip-hop inspired artist Alwa Gordon is set to release his debut studio album “Thanks for Waiting” on December 9th at Santa Cruz recording studios with a curated line-up of eclectic talent. A creative since the age of 16, Alwa has been featured in shows all over the Bay Area and beyond. And for his release show on December 9th, Alwa has booked a hip-hop heavy lineup of inspirations and collaborators featuring Antdog da Beast, Mak Nova, San Francisco’s buzzing Sutro, and DJ Sean Black on the decks for a night of music and celebration of growth.

Inspired by Tupac’s lyricism and Mac Dre’s “hyphy” party music influence at a young age, Alwa’s sound combines melodic rap flows and catchy melodies with beats that make you want to bounce and move. “Thanks for Waiting” is a collection of songs that encapsulates Alwa’s growth over the past few years, with heavy hip-hop lyricism and self produced records that will catch the ears of Drake and J. Cole fans.

“I think my sound is a mix of introspective thoughts shared in a clever way, and melodic flows that you can bounce to,” Alwa proclaims. And with a growing skillset as a producer and engineer on display as well, Alwa crafted “Thanks for Waiting” as a labor of love in search of a unique and defining sound. With deep roots in Santa Cruz county as a born and raised Santa Cruz local, his style has been shaped by the area’s music scene and hub as a counterculture golden coast gem. But there’s a darkness just below that sunny exterior that isn’t always apparent to non-locals, and “Thanks for Waiting ” doesn’t shy away from the hard realities and unique challenges of growing up as a black man in a majority caucasion area.

“I think growing up in Santa Cruz affected a lot of my music and art,” Alwa states, reflecting that “Santa Cruz is a contrarian town, where on the surface it’s liberal and accepting but underneath it’s exclusive and racist.” Creating in the face of these obstacles, Alwa has found an approach to music that’s uniquely his own while remaining rooted in his West Coast influences. “Thanks for Waiting” is a triumph of an artist who has found his voice and created a lane that’s uplifting while undeniably infectious. And on December 9th, he delivers this project to eagerly waiting fans and new listeners alike in a night of music that’s bound to resonate with his hometown of Santa Cruz and beyond.

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