Another Santa Cruz Breakout Musician – The Windser Interview


 | January 19, 2023

About a year ago I was listening to the Alt Nation station on SiriusXM and heard a song that I really liked by an artist named Windser. Later on in the year, listening to the same station while drive down the 17, I heard another song by Windser called Memory. I instantly loved it. After the song was played the DJ mentioned Windser (Jordan Topf) was from Santa Cruz. How did I not know that!! How was I not aware of him since I feel I am pretty on top of the Santa Cruz music scene. So of course that day I looked him up on Apple Music and YouTube and the Windser binge began…

Not only does he have a great catalog of his own songs but he has had some amazing collaborations, notably “Next Year” and “Maniac” with Macklemore (Watch both videos below).
Now here is where we all come in. Friday, January 27th we all can see him at a special home show at The Catalyst (get your tickets here)


We had the chance to interview Jordon last week to talk about the show but also to discuss his Santa Cruz experience. Fun Fact, Jordon’s moniker – Windser, was named after the street he was living at her in Santa Cruz).
In this interview we talk about his views of the music scene here in town, why he came back to Santa Cruz to write his new album, and what it is like to play a hometown show.
We also had a fun lighting round of questions where we learn where his favorite two places to eat in town are.
Hope you enjoy the interview and make sure to get your tickets for the  Jan 27th show at The Catalyst.


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