Berdels: A New Skate & Apparel Shop in Downtown Santa Cruz


 | April 27, 2015

DSC_0617Berdels, a new men’s clothing and skate shop has recently opened up on Pacific and Walnut downtown. We got the chance to catch up with the owner, Bubb Rader, to talk about the inspiration behind the name, the brand, and the good vibes.

DSC_0617What is the story behind the name Berdels? 

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Berdel is my grandmother’s name.  We all called her Grammie so to use her given name is kinda cool.  She was a huge supporter of entrepreneurship and kind of instilled the work ethic needed to turn ideas into reality.  Also, I always wanted to create a brand where the DSC_0617logo was an animal.  Pelicans are prehistoric and have been gliding along the waves for gillions of years and they have such a smooth style in general so choosing that was a no brainer.  Originally I called the store Frank’s just to have a name to use in the business plan but that name didn’t really connect to the pelican or have any meaning.  I guess the name Berdels comes from combining two things that have a lot of meaning to me and work together pretty well.



Where did you derive the inspiration to open up your own storefront in downtown Santa Cruz? 

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Opening a store has always been a dream of mine.  Ever since I was little I have loved being in shops.  Looking back I guess I have been neck deep in downtown retail for the past 9 years through running one of the other stores on the mall and seeing my wife start Stripe and Stripe Men with her partner Suna.  Retail is a lot of fun and being downtown is constant enjoyment.




What makes Berdels unique among other stores on Pacific Avenue? 

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DSC_0626Well, first off, there are a lot of great stores on Pacific Ave. and Walnut Ave as well but besides Stripe Men there really hasn’t been anything new in the way of men’s fashion or skate in a long time.  Berdels is featuring a lot of really cool local brands like Thieves, Recess, Uroko and Ventana as well as other small brands from all over the country that for the most part people haven’t heard of.  We combine those two things with some amazing heritage brands like Levi’s and Patagonia to round off a collection of things guys wear every day.  By popular demand/fear we just added a lot of girls products too that should hit the shelves any day now.  Describing the store is alwayshard but it is definitely unique and the response so far has been great.  The best I can say is to get down here and check it out for yourself.

 What influences have your past experiences had on this endeavor?  

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My past experience in retail and my current position in Thieves impact this endeavor hugely.  If I could get a job with no experience I would be an Olympic downhill skier and just hang out in the lodge everyday and do 1 race every 4 years and win the gold medal.

What local brands do you carry in the store right now? 

We carry Thieves, Recess, Ventana and Uroko.  We are working with a lot of local artists on Berdels gear as well. Watch out for new pelican tees over the next few weeks.  There is some great stuff on the way.

Are you sticking with men’s clothing or will we see some more ladies brands in the future? 


Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.56.34 PM


What are your goals for the store? Any big future plans in the works? 

Our goal right now is just to let everyone know that we are here and that between Berdels and Stripe Men there are a lot of great products on Walnut Ave. for guys who are looking for cool stuff.  We also have girls stuff too 🙂




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