Claiming My Baggage – Debut Travel Memoir by Hazel Chadwick


 | June 15, 2022

We are so excited to announce, local Santa Cruz blogger and social media influencer, Hazel Chadwick will be releasing her debut travel memoir this summer – Claiming My Baggage. Make sure to pre order your copy by June 22. And don’t miss the book launch event at the very fitting Rosie McCann’s Irish Pub on July 17th.

About the book:

Single, in her late twenties, and surrounded by happy couples settling down, a Californian girl is feeling lost and ready for a change. After a dark couple of years filled with uncertainties and disappointments, Hazel knows it is time to check off the top two items from her bucket list:

  • Live in Ireland
  • Write a book

Why not take care of them both at once? Hazel has never been to Ireland, and knows nobody there, but trusting her gut, buys a one-way ticket and sets off on the adventure of her lifetime. A journey full of chaos, magic, romance, and surprises. This book, Hazel’s travel memoir, illustrates the importance of becoming your own best friend and owning
who you are. Accompany Hazel on this wild ride through the Emerald Isle and the pieces of her life that brought her there. You will feel like you’re sitting and having tea with your new best friend.

Pre Order Now!

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