Coast Futura – A Modern, Battery-Electric Streetcar / Tram of the future


 | October 18, 2021

Coast Futura, a community-based effort to support clean, modern, electric rail on the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line and beyond.

Media tour was Friday, Oct. 15 in Watsonville.
Santa Cruz Demonstration Ride: October 21 – 24
Details here:

Happening in Santa Cruz County in Fall 2021, Coast Futura is a demonstration of a rail-based, clean energy tram for the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line. The affordable, wireless, battery-operated tram is California-built, produces zero emissions, will be powered by carbon-free energy from Monterey Bay Community Power, and is quiet for both riders and the neighborhoods it will pass through. The Coast Futura demonstration is a proof-of-concept and an example of a path forward for Santa Cruz County — one that includes a cost-effective, planet-friendly transit solution for locals and visitors alike.

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  1. Wow! This is fantastic news! Public rail transit, like parks and libraries, should be available for every person. Any truly civilized society would provide this without reservation as a matter of humanity. We need to evolve in this direction.

    Santa Cruz County’s 2020 to 2021 Fiscal Year Report states that nearly one third of Santa Cruz County residents – notably children, the elderly and disabled, and low income individuals and families who cannot afford a car – do not drive a personal vehicle. The vast majority of Santa Cruz County’s low income and minority populations live in the south eastern part of the County in and around the City of Watsonville and much of their employment is located in and around the City of Santa Cruz. The demographics, geography, availability of jobs, and desirability of Santa Cruz County as a place to call home and visit significantly impact travel in Santa Cruz County and creates a variety of challenges.

  2. I love it!
    Finally some good news during the Pandemic.
    Light-weight vehicles and electric power, is the way to go!
    As the say, “provide it and they will come.”
    Universe gave these steel tracks for free so
    why not use the most efficient way of rolling on steel flat suface for our transport.
    Congratulations Santa Cruz!

  3. Let’s embrace this technology which can give us clean, quiet, efficient public transportation along a corridor that was made for it. The density of housing, restaurants, gyms, parks and trails along the corridor make it the perfect way to get to your favorite spots, without getting in a car. This solution also saves money compared to old gas and oil-based technologies, and keeps us dry in any weather. Roaring Camp shows us both the past and the future of railroads. Everything is possible with good management. Thank you, Melani!

  4. This example of a quiet wireless electric streetcar offers a vision of how we can get around without stewing forever in traffic in planet-damaging cars. If you live within walking or biking distance of the coast rail line (1/2 of our county’s residents), imagine this as our future!

    Each one of us needs to change how we live in order to enable humans & all other life to survive accelerating global warming. What can you be doing right now?

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