Top 3 nutrition tips for general health and a stronger immune system


 | April 2, 2020

Currently, it may feel like we have little under our control. The silver lining is that we can control the food we choose to put into our bodies and while health is a priority for all right now, it’s a great time to learn and implement a plan for keeping our bodies nourished. Registered Dietitian Colleen Wysocki of Capitola offers her top 3 nutrition tips for general health and a stronger immune system.   

  1. First, aim for 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and vary the colors at least a few times a week. Eating for health is a long-game; popping a few berries in your mouth when you start to feel a cold coming on will have limited effect. However, if you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables each day, your cells will be better prepared to overcome viruses and infections when your body does encounter them.  
  2. If you’re close to getting your rainbow of five fruits and veggies per day, the next step is to ensure you’re getting adequate protein. Many people don’t realize that protein is the most important nutrient for healing from illness, injury, and surgery. Protein also helps fight infection, balance body fluids, and carry oxygen through your body. The best way to get enough protein is to incorporate it into each meal. If you skip protein at a meal, add it as a snack in the form of nut butter, yogurt, or hummus. 
  3. Once you’re a nutrition guru and have mastered tips #1 and #2, take your nutrition habits to the next level by eating a probiotic food each day. While the world is focused on wiping out the bad bacteria on our hands and surfaces, it’s important to give the good bacteria a chance to flourish inside our bodies. Fermented foods, yogurt, and kombucha are good places to start. (Supplements are not recommended.)

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