Ethos named honoree for 2020 NEXTies


 | March 31, 2020

CAPITOLA — Home and personal care shop Ethos is the 2020 Green Business of the Year according to Event Santa Cruz.

Ethos will be honored at 2020 NEXTies, an annual award show that celebrates individuals, businesses, nonprofits and initiatives in Santa Cruz County that positively impact the community.

“I’m shocked, super excited,” said Meredith Keet, owner of Ethos. “I never thought it would be so widely accepted by everyone.” Keet added she has received a lot of support from the community and visitors.

The 2020 NEXTies were originally scheduled for March, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has been postponed to June 19. Tickets purchased for the March 20 event will be honored for the rescheduled date.

Keet, 39, founded Ethos at 101 Capitola Ave. March 29, 2019 as The Zero Shop. Ethos has three employees. She started the business after a year-long trip around the world with her family in 2017, where she discovered many places had trash, pollution and plastic and she wanted to do more to reduce it.

“Everyone here does care about the environment,” Keet said. Her goal is to provide people with the tools and resources to produce less waste.

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