Santa Cruz is Open!

April 14, 2021
6pm to 7pm
Between its beaches, the Boardwalk, museums, recreation, live music and more, tourism is a $1 billion a year industry in Santa Cruz County and the No. 1 driver of the city of Santa Cruz’s economy.

Now — after a year unlike any other — it’s about to open up again. So what does that mean for jobs and the economy, not to mention the fun that’s in store for you, your family and tourists alike?

Lookout and Event Santa Cruz have assembled an all-star panel to dive into those questions and more. Our “Santa Cruz Is Open” event, set for 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 14, includes Visit Santa Cruz County Communications Director Christina Glynn, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk communications chief Kris Reyes, Coast Redwoods Hospitality CEO Bijal Patel and Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History Executive Director Robb Woulfe.

From physical changes at hotels and attractions, to steps museums and other venues are taking to gear up for post-pandemic reboots, our panel will take a look at how the pandemic has changed their industry and what’s in store for the future. And, yes, while we’ll talk about jobs and economics, we also plan to keep things light, too, offering consumers some quick highlights of the summer and fall to come


Christina Glynn

Kris Reyes

Bijal Patel

Robb Woulfe

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