The 2020 NEXTies Awards

November 6th, 2020
6:00 to 7:30

Watch the NEXTies on November 6th. After multiple reschedules we have decided to make a video version of the NEXTies this year. For everyone who purchased a ticket you will have early access to the video and when we are allowed to safely assemble we are throwing a huge party that you will be invited to!

Pull out the pearls and cufflinks and join us for an evening in honor of those in Santa Cruz County who inspire the community.


Honorees include:
Entrepreneur of the year: Jamileh Cannon & Tim Gordin from
Musician of the Year: Lindsay Wall
Band of the Year: The Carolyn Sills Combo
Artist of the Year (in memory of Doug Ross): Taylor Reinhold
Writer of the Year: Jacob Pierce
Give-back Person of the Year: Gina Orlando
Foodie of the Year: Akindele Bankole
New Business of the Year: Fruition Brewery
Athlete of the Year: Layla Ruiz
Youth of the Year: Tamarah Minami
Non-Profit of the Year: Santa Cruz Playground Project
Mentor of the Year: Alexandra Navarro
Green Business of the Year: Ethos
Innovative Business of the Year: Terroir in a Jar
Wildcard: GO Santa Cruz
Life Time Achievement Award: Cathy Calfo

Thank you to our Sponsors:

Yoso Wellness Spa, Hotel Paradox, Studio Holladay, Wribbn, Off The Lip Radio Show, Santa Cruz Engraving, Housing Matters and the Community Foundation Santa Cruz County.



Jamileh Cannon & Tim Gordin

Entrepreneurs of the Year

Lindsay Wall

Musician of the Year

Taylor Reinhold

Artist of the Year

Akindele Bankole

Foodie of the Year

Jacob Pierce

Writer of the Year

The Carolyn Sills Combo

Band of the Year

Alexandra Navarro

Mentor of the Year

Fruition Brewing

New Business of the Year

Layla Ruiz

Athlete of the Year

Santa Cruz Playground Project

Non-Profit of the Year

Gina Orlando

Give Back Person of the Year

Terroir in a Jar

Innovative Business of the Year

Ethos (Formerly The Zero Shop)

Green Business of the Year

Joby Aviation

Tech Business of the Year

GO Santa Cruz

Wildcard of the Year

Cathy Calfo

Life Time Achievement Award

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