Terroir In A Jar – The Video


 | February 4, 2020

We love this video featuring Terroir In A Jar. What an amazing program they have created, a food waste reduction program focusing on helping small local organic family farms.

Independent farmers work year-round to grow their crops and bring their local brand of food to market, riding razor-thin profit margins in hopes that consumers buy their produce. They provide the means to make the meals we eat every day. Those of us who can afford to, happily consume without giving this a second thought; those of us who can’t, starve. 

Meanwhile, billions of pounds of useable fruits & vegetables go to waste each year due to consumer waste, seasonal glut, or market restrictions. Perfectly ripe produce is turned into compost, or left in the field to rot. 

This film follows the journey of one organization with the drive to change that – one jar at a time.

Terroir In A Jar – We turn otherwise lost or waste into revenue by making preserves, culinary vinegars , shrubs, and syrups from too juicy, ugly, unsold produce and in turn allow the farmer to sell leagal to stores, CSA, Farmers Markets even Amazon.

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