Henry Chadwick New Single – Never Say No


 | August 26, 2019

We can’t stop playing the new single by Henry Chadwick – Never Say No. “Never Say No” is the second single from his new EP named The President of Make Believe that will come out this fall.

From glide Magazine:

“This song is a bouncy little number, and the first song I’ve written that features piano as a main character. The song has a sort of spun out happy feel to it, which is contrasted by bummed out lyrics. I wrote it a while back when I was, as the chorus goes, ‘not having a good time.’ Putting happy, bouncy music behind it gave me a good little chuckle when writing it and makes it sort of cathartic and fun to play live. I think of it as sort of a bummer anthem, celebrating not wanting to celebrate. Hope you enjoy!” ~Henry Chadwick

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