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 | November 28, 2019

From the H & H Fresh Fish Co. website

We are Hans Haveman and Heidi Rhodes. Since 2003, we’ve worked as a team to provide our customers with the freshness and quality assurance they have come to trust of our seafood. We are the Resident Seafood Buyers of the Santa Cruz Harbor- what we do not catch ourselves, we supplement from other local Santa Cruz fishermen after hand selecting, approving, and processing all fish that we present for sale at our Farmers’ Markets, Harbor Fishhouse, CSF, and to our wholesale customers. We offer a worry-free guarantee with all of our purchases…we want you to be extremely happy with your fish and rely on us weekly as your own personal fisherpeople! We also want you to feel good knowing that your purchase supports the LOCAL fishing community. We are proud PCFFA members, adhering to sustainably harvested fishing methods and taking good care of our beloved ocean.

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The Pescavore Mission

We launched Pescavore to focus on product innovation with exclusively sustainable, wild-caught seafood, making delicious snacks with clean, lean, marine protein. Pescavore tuna jerky strips are the first of their kind and the product of years of vision and hard work to bring the great taste and nutrition of fish to you in a convenient snack.

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