Hole Foods Dreams Up Healthy, Vegan Donuts


 | January 15, 2020

Originally posted in the GoodTimes

It was during their travels up and down the West Coast that Steven and Eva Castro had an idea. The Salinas Valley residents were inspired to open their own pop-up shop. Their specialty? Donuts that are actually healthy—or at least healthier

Hole Food Vegan Donuts has since taken its fan favorites—like egg-less, butter-less churro donuts—around the Central Coast, to pop-up food destinations like Watsonville’s Elkhorn Slough Brewery and Fruition Brewing.

How did you come up with the name and logo?

EVA CASTRO: The name Hole Foods is a funny spin on “Whole Foods.” As in, eat more wholesome, healthy foods, but most people correlate it with the grocery store. 

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