Holysea on The Event Santa Cruz Radio Show


 | May 30, 2019

Holysea was such a delight to have on The Event Santa Cruz Radio Show. We had a great conversations and got to hear three amazing songs. Thank you Holysea for being part of the show!

HOLYSEA is a singer/songwriter from Santa Cruz, California. Her music derives its inspiration from the ocean and the ebb and flow of seasons. HOLYSEA is the moniker of singer/songwriter Rachael Williams. She began her musical performance career in musical theater and then found herself member to many different genre’s of bands (rock, folk, britpop, ragtime, indie, and most recently jazz). Her jazz band (@hotsytotsycombo) plays regularly from Monterey up into the greater San Francisco Bay Area. HOLYSEA is a note-strung portal into the innermost workings of her heart. HOLYSEA’s vocal instructor Robert Edwards coined her stage name after receiving a vision about it in a dream; Rachael, as a trained and seasoned marine ecologist and environmental activist, holds mama ocean and its majesty in great esteem…Holy Sea. HOLYSEA uses her music as an implement for healing and soothing humanity’s tendencies towards hopelessness so that all can take a step back, a deep breath, and make a start towards making conscious choices about the lives we live and the legacy we all wish to leave.

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