How Should Craft Breweries Approach Collaboration? Ask Humble Sea


 | March 6, 2020

It’s no secret we are huge Humble Sea fans! We remember having them at our events before they could even sell beer four plus years ago. Well of course that was then and now they are selling beer like there is no tomorrow. They are even coming up on their official three year anniversary this month. Just recently they were featured in Forbes Magazine. Here is a snippet of the story written by Kenny Gould then you can continue reading on Forbes Online.


Taylor West, Frank Scott Krueger, and Nick Pavlina grew up in a small town in the mountains of Santa Cruz. Today, they run Humble Sea Brewing, a distinctly kooky craft brewery in Santa Cruz, California. 

But beyond their silly art and goofy beer names, Humble Sea has some serious technical chops. Before the three friends launched their brewery, they engaged in a process of radical experimentation, brewing over 120 recipes in a barn behind Pavlina’s grandmother’s house. 

“Beer is fun,” Krueger said. “It’s not so serious.”

From product to brand identity, the brewery approaches everything with a critical eye. And yet, at the end of the day, they’re just a bunch of kooks making great beer.

Kenny Gould: How did the three of you meet?

Taylor West: Taylor and I went to preschool together. And Nick, he was the older brother of a mutual best friend between Frank and myself, who we’re still good friends with today. Nick was like that older brother who was sort of the cool guy. 

KG: And when did you launch?

Frank Scott Krueger: We’re celebrating our three-year anniversary. But we started the thing five years ago. We spent a year and a half of brewing in Nick’s grandma’s barn in the redwood forest where we grew up. That first year, we lost a lot of money, but it was a good idea because we didn’t know what direction we wanted to go. If we would’ve launched big at first, on a full-sized system, we would’ve been putting out more experimental beer into the world before we were ready.

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