Jesse Daniel “Clayton Was A Cowboy” (Official Audio)


 | May 30, 2021

Brand New Song From Jesse Daniel!

Jesse Daniel’s new single “Clayton Was A Cowboy” is a song that honors the timeless tradition of storytelling in country music. Inspired by a person Jesse knew years ago in a work-release rehab facility, it captures the simplicity, hardship and tragedy that often go hand in hand with living truly and completely free.

It is the second single from his upcoming album Beyond These Walls, which Jesse co-produced with Grammy Nominated multi-instrumentalist Tommy Detamore at Cherry Ridge Studios. It features members of George Strait’s “Ace In The Hole Band” (Ronnie Huckaby), Willie Nelson’s band (Kevin Smith), and even includes a duet in spanish with Raul Malo of The Mavericks. He has grown immeasurably as a singer, songwriter, producer and bandleader since his humble beginnings in small town California and Beyond These Walls lays out just how far he has come and will continue to go.

STREAM Jesse Daniel’s :Clayton Was A Cowboy”:
New album, “Beyond These Walls” available July 30

Here’s what the press has been saying about Jesse Daniel:

“One of the fastest-rising names in traditional country music.”
– Saving Country Music

“If you’re not familiar with Jesse, he’s a guy that Shooter Jennings has said is going to be “the next one to blow up,” after correctly predicting the rises of guys like Sturgill Simpson and Tyler Childers.”
– Whiskey Riff

“Irresistible twang.”
– Rolling Stone

“Add Jesse Daniel to the list of punk rock musicians turned singer-songwriters who firmly grasp the appeal of classic country.”
– Wide Open Country

Clayton Was A Cowboy Lyrics:

Clayton was a cowboy from Branson, Colorado, never had a drink he didn’t like,
Every chance that he would get he’d turn it up full throttle, I guess that’s just the way old Clayton liked to live his

His mama always told him not to worship any idols, and putting faith in man will almost always let you down.
Driving across the country he was winning all the titles, breaking hearts along the way and living town to town.

Out west of the rockies up in Northern California, through the riding and the roping a young lady caught his eye.
She asked him, Would you like to dance and he said I’ve got to warn you, I was born with two left feet but I can
give it my best try…

Nothing good will last forever, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try
They say its better late than never, hell can wait until tomorrow he’s got one more bull to ride

He pulled into a rodeo somewhere in Oklahoma, the wind was blowing strong and kicked the dust into his eyes.

He walked into a field to smell the flowers sweet aroma, said a cowboys prayer and then he looked up to the sky.

They paired him with an angry bull who’s name was El Diablo, they tied the rope down tight, then the gate swung
open wide.
He bucked him off the side but his hand just wouldn’t let go, they clowns all tried to save him as the crowd looked
on in fright.

Nothing good will last forever, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try
They say its better late than never, hell can wait until tomorrow he’s got one more bull to ride

A somber wave of silence fell over the arena, as Clayton lay there dying on the cold and dirty ground.
Clayton was a cowboy, from Branson, Colorado, his rambling days were over, this old cowboys homeward bound.

New album, “Beyond These Walls” available July 30

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