Jesse Daniel, Son of The San Lorenzo, new album “Rollin’ On” out Friday


 | March 26, 2020

We are super excited for the new album release of “Rollin’ On” by Jesse Daniel, his second full length album, this Friday (March 27). There have been a few songs dropped on YouTube to give you a taste. We have included three of them for your listening and watching pleasure below. One song that we know will be a local (Santa Cruz, and more specifically the San Lorenzo Valley) hit of course will be “Son of The San Lorenzo”.

Update: Album is out now! Head over to the JD Website

Then you have of course the title single “Rollin’ On” with a ridiculous amount of YouTube views (64,965 views at the time of writing this post) and “Rollin’ On” is also steady climbing at #48 on the Americana Top 50 Charts! Not bad, right up there next to Willie Nelson and Tanya Tucker (Local boy done good!).

Then to close out this post here are two other instant JD classics – “If You Ain’t Happy Now (You Never Will Be)” and “Bringin’ Home the Roses”.

“Trust us on this one: Go ahead and pre-order Rollin’ On now, as it will be one of the best country albums of the year.”— FARCE THE MUSIC

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