Justin Cummings Eats Lil Nitro 9,000,000 Scoville Gummy Bear


 | July 19, 2021

We were unaware of the Lil Nitro Challenge till Mat Weir posted this video of Santa Cruz City Council member Justin Cummings. This looks extremly painful 🔥.

So what is the challenge? Google says – The Lil’ Nitro Challenge: See if you can handle the heat and consume this bear without relief! Rules of the challenge: – Lil Nitro must be fully chewed. Once eaten, you must go without relief until the heat subsides!

Looks like Justin Cummings nailed it!

Now here is our challenge. We are going to make a video with five well known Santa Cruz residents together, to see if they can conquer the Lil Nitro Challenge. Who would you like to see? Put your nominations in the comments below.


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