LEAF & VINE | Urban Plant Shop – Two Year Anniversary Celebration Weekend


 | November 2, 2021

I always have a great time catching up with Maria and Clay, the owners of LEAF & VINE | Urban Plant Shop in downtown Santa Cruz. That’s why this was way over due. Last time we spent some time together besides the brief hello was about a year ago. So when I heard they were approaching their two year anniversary I knew I needed to stop by and see how things are going and how they have been the last year.

In the videos below we discuss their anniversary weekend, their move to the new location, the challenge of owning a business, and their enthusiasm for their customers and Community supporters.

We also got a little “Plant Nerdy” talking about one of their current favorite plants in the shop. Oh, and we also went to plant school and learned how to take care of a Lemon Lime Maranta (love the name).

To learn more about watch the videos below or head over to their website:

Event Invite ⬇︎

Leaf & Vine Interview with the Founders ⬇︎

How to take care of a Lemon Lime Maranta ⬇︎

Nerding out Plant Style – Hoya Carnosa Compacta ‘Hindu Rope’ ⬇︎


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