Miss Lonely Hearts “Shipwreck” | THE TOMBOY SESSIONS


 | May 17, 2019

Miss Lonely Hearts, a California Country band from Santa Cruz is featured in THE TOMBOY SESSIONS #9. The Tomboy Sessions is a live music video series made in Santa Cruz, California. The series features hand-crafted Americana and roots music performed by touring and local bands. Videos are shot in Tomboy, a unique and intimate vintage Western store, during normal business hours.


The Tomboy Sessions is a true collaboration of well-established film, music and audio businesses from Santa Cruz county, including local companies Seafoam Films and Gadgetbox. The Sessions are sponsored by Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Sylvan Music, and Venus Spirits.

Santa Cruz Guitar Company ( – sponsor

Sylvan Music ( – sponsor

Venus Spirits ( – sponsor

Gadgetbox ( – audio

Seafoam Films ( – film Tomboy ( – location

TourMore ( – production

Watch all the The Tomboy Sessions here

Wanna hear more great local music? Try some Jesse Daniel, Taylor Rae or Lindsey Wall.

That is one thing about Santa Cruz. There is never a lack of great music talent in our town.

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