New Extreme Role-Playing Exhibit at Seymour Marine Discovery Center Enables Visitors to Transform Into a Water Drop


 | August 18, 2022


SANTA CRUZ (Aug 2022) — Visitors to the Seymour Marine Discovery Center this fall will be able to experience the cycle of a single drop of water when they take part in Water’s Extreme Journey, a hands-on, interactive maze designed by Minotaur Mazes.

The Water’s Extreme Journey maze takes visitors on a wild role-playing adventure where they are transformed into a raindrop and challenged to stay clean. Visitors are sent on a journey through mountains, streams and even their own backyards, where everyday decisions impact their chance of staying clean and reaching a healthy ocean.

The exhibit opens at the Seymour Center for a member-only preview on Friday, Sept. 2, and the general public on Sept. 3. The exhibit runs through the end of 2022.

“At the Seymour Center, we’re working to make science approachable and engaging, and this new traveling exhibit is an exciting way to make learning about water issues fun,” said Jonathan Hicken, Executive Director of the Seymour Marine Discovery Center at UC Santa Cruz. “We chose to focus on water this fall because this vital resource is so critically important to us in Santa Cruz County, especially as we confront the current drought and experience just how precious clean, available water is. We all make daily decisions that impact water quality of the Monterey Bay.”

Water’s Extreme Journey, which has been displayed at museums, zoos, aquariums and other public spaces throughout the United States, brings water quality threats to the forefront. While investigating winding pathways, visitors are challenged to navigate through “non-point source pollutants” originating from agriculture, development, litter and homes. Will the farm they pass have harmful pesticides? Did someone pour leftover paint down the drain?

This fully interactive maze experience engages visitors through play, scientific inquiry, art and action, illuminating human impacts great and small while teaching how to contribute to healthy, safe water in their community and beyond. page1image44029376

The maze also will highlight water research happening at UC Santa Cruz and in the greater community, and encourage people to support clean water initiatives. Features within the maze have been tailored to represent Santa Cruz County water issues.

Created by world-renowned marine life artist Wyland, and Seattle-based Minotaur Mazes, Water’s Extreme Journey blends art, science and action. With a little luck, and a few attempts, visitors learn how to make cleaner choices and discover the rewards of a healthy ocean.

“Our goal is to immerse you in the subject by making you a raindrop susceptible to the whims of human activities.” Wyland says. “It’s a fun way to explore the challenges of keeping our water clean.”

Exploring the maze is included with admission to the Seymour Center, 100 McAllister Way, Santa Cruz. For more information about the Water’s Extreme Journey maze, visit

Members are invited to join for a sneak peek on Friday, September 2nd!


Minotaur Mazes is a Seattle-based traveling exhibitions company specializing in engaging, interactive experiences within a maze setting. Mazes challenge visitors both physically and mentally, and tactile experiences help all ages retain ideas long after they have left the exhibit. Minotaur is committed to crafting quality, creative exhibitions that introduce ideas of sustainability and personal responsibility for the world and its people

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