New Music December Hits 81,515 Views


 | January 4, 2022

New Music Music December was a hit!

Thank you to all the musicians who spent so much time, energy and creativity to make these amazing videos. Thank you to our sponsors (listed below) who supported the musicians. And of course, thank you to everyone who watched the videos.

On January 1st we collected the data. The videos from New Music December had a total of 81,515 views. We had a goal to get 50,000 views, so yeah, we were pretty happy with the results 😁. At the rate the videos are being watched, the view count will past 100,000 sometime next week.

New Music December was created to support and discover local musicians from across Santa Cruz County by giving artists a platform to showcase their music. Event Santa Cruz, Speak for Change, and Arts Council Santa Cruz County joined forces to build bridges between our community’s rich and diverse music scene to connect musicians to each other and you. Each day during the month of December we released new music videos from local musicians . You can also support musicians like these folks by donating to Arts Council Santa Cruz County’s Grants Program, which offers critical dollars to artists.

Funds raised through New Music December go directly back into the artistic community. Through your donation to Arts Council Santa Cruz County’s Grants Program, you invest in the artists who make your life better through music.

Did you miss any of the videos? Watch them all here


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