Non Starving Artists Night: It’s a Wrap


 | February 10, 2015
Non Starving Artists

Photos by: Crystal Birns Photography

Warm light glowed from the windows, and one could hear the hum of voices, laughter and music pouring out of the chic, store front at the Cosmic offices on Thursday, January 29th, at the Non Starving Artists Night. The buzzing start-up space had that distinctive energy artists and entrepreneurs exude as guests chatted and mingled throughout the night.

Attendees enjoyed scrumptious eats created by owner of Mortal Dumpling, Noah Kopito. Special for our event, he whipped together a unique spread of light meats coupled with a lovely beet salad and polenta topped with a walnut-based pesto. The local distillery, Venus Spirits, sampled their own rendition of a tequila sunrise with their signature blue agave spirit, El Ladrón.


Just before 7pm, guests took their seats to hear the beautiful Akeera perform a harmonic, yet lively original song.

event 2
















Each of the eight artists took the stage for 6 minutes to share their story. You could hear the spark in each speaker’s voice as they talked of their passions, childhood inspiration, hilarious mishaps, goals, and humanitarian projects that have shaped their lives as non-starving artists. Guests appreciated the honesty and genuine character that each speaker emanated as they shared how they came to be the successful artists we see today.



























Local and international musical talent, Marty O’Reilly wrapped up the evening with his husky vocals and quick rhythm guitar.


















Event Santa Cruz was proud to host this event and showcase some of the best and most interesting local musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs in our awesome town of Santa Cruz. To find out about more of each of our speakers, click on their names to see their websites.

Frank Scott Krueger — UI/UX Designer

Doug Ross — Illustrations / Fine Art

Nada Miljković — Artists on Art

Chris McGilvray — Six Finger Films

Bridget Henry — Woodcut Artist

Kevin Devaney — The Art Bar

Martijn Stiphout — Ventana Surfboards

Linda Levy — Linda A. Levy Artworks

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