Onewheel Community Delivers Over 4,000 Letters to CPSC Defending the Right to “Let Us Ride!”


 | November 25, 2022

Onewheel Riders’ Letters Express Concern Regarding CPSC’s Overreach Against Their Beloved Boards

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., – Future Motion, the California based small business that proudly designs and assembles Onewheel electric skateboards in the USA, announced that the Onewheel rider community has written more than 4,000 letters to the CPSC, delivering them today to the agency headquarters just outside the nation’s capital. The letters embody the enthusiastic and strong support for Future Motion and represent the considerable concerns of this community for the agency’s recent unjust and alarmist public warning that urged board owners to stop riding their Onewheels and American adults not to purchase any version of the product.

“The ongoing and overwhelming public rejection of the CPSC’s unwarranted attack on Onewheels press may have been surprising to the agency, but this reaction was not a surprise to our company or to the Onewheel community,” said Kyle

Onewheeler Javier Starks preparing to deliver 4,000 letters to the CPSC in support of Onewheel

Doerksen, Founder and CEO of Future Motion. “These letters from Onewheel riders are very emotional as they extoll the joy, exhilaration, and freedom they experience from their boards. Future Motion takes great pride in our products. The fact is: Onewheels are safe when operated following common-sense safe riding practices that are common to any boardsport. Onewheel boards are not defective. There is inherent risk in any action sport, and that is something our riders knowingly accept and seek out.”

“Via letters and posts across social media, thousands of riders are saying how their boards have helped them overcome depression, live healthier lifestyles, enjoy more time outdoors, and forge new friendships and family connections. We thought it was critically important for the CPSC to hear directly from just a small portion of the hundreds of thousands of dedicated Onewheel customers who operate Onewheels safely every day,” added Doerksen.

Javier Starks, a Washington, D.C. resident who delivered the 4,000+ letters to the CPSC headquarters on his Onewheel, said, “As an avid Onewheel rider, I can tell you firsthand that these boards are safe when used appropriately. I have personally ridden over 38,000 miles on my Onewheels. The decision made by the CPSC reflects the experiences of a select few. If this logic was used when assessing the safety of other vehicles, such as trains, planes and automobiles, they all would likely be classified as ‘dangerous.’ I believe that learning the personal experience of THOUSANDS will outweigh the experiences of a few. We believe the CPSC is run by people who have good intentions. These compelling stories in the form of heartfelt letters will hopefully change how the agency views Onewheel boards and the immense community of citizens like myself who rely on them for day-to-day transport and survival.”

Despite the agency’s unjustified and alarmist statements regarding Onewheels, Future Motion will continue attempting to collaborate with CPSC staff on common sense safety measures that even further enhance rider safety and allow the Onewheel movement to thrive.

Sign the petition: LET US RIDE!

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