Our love for local Santa Cruz music


 | July 8, 2016
For The Love of Local Santa Cruz Music

Showcasing local music is a huge part of Event Santa Cruz. If you have been to any of our events you no doubt were treated to not only inspiring talks, amazing craft beer, good food, and great people but also a taste of some of the best music Santa Cruz has to offer. Here are just a few examples for the last couple of months:

Nick Gallant at the 2016 NEXTies:

Jacklyn Paulette at Event Santa Cruz : “This is How We Cruz”

Coffee Zombie Collective at the 2016 NEXTies

We look forward to this month when we have Taylor Rae at Event Santa Cruz: The Great Outdoors.

If you would like to be considered as one the music acts we showcase each month emails us a video of you or your band, love to hear from you!


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