Peter Mel Barreled at Mavericks – Best Wave Ever Surfed at Mavericks


 | January 14, 2021

Peter Mel is a local and legendary big wave rider. On Friday (Jan 8th, 2021) he caught what many are calling the wave of the decade.

“Maverick’s is famous for its massive waves… it’s one of the best spots on the planet. This place is so special, it’s so deep, these waves just jack up and that’s what creates these massive waves.”

Here’s how Peter Mel describe the ride:

“I turned around and started paddling. You can see I kicked and scratched. I stood up and realized that I was really deep and was going to have to traverse [a] shallow part of the reef, the most dangerous to be. I was able to get around the corner and go underneath it … I was committed, a little fear was there. Once I started to ride the wave, I saw how open it was, it turned to me, it looked like a huge room over my head. You can see my hands come up, I’m just enjoying it, then the wave spits all that steam comes flying by me… it’s just such an amazing ride.”

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