Photobomb! It’s a wrap…


 | August 31, 2015

PhotoBomb Wrap Up – By: Molly Lautamo

Photography by: Crystal Birns Photography

11951425_989410447790031_4755798151571903932_oSometimes it seems like anyone can be a photographer in this age of smartphones, photo-editing apps, and fancy Instagram filters. But then you see the work of someone with that creative eye – a true artist who’s been behind the lens for years – endlessly practicing, experimenting, and honing their craft. August’s event, Photo Bomb, celebrated these talented individuals and their work at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH).


170+ guests filled the MAH and spilled out into the courtyard, catching up with friends over cold beer from Uncommon Brewers and filling up on amazing appetizers.11952782_989411011123308_3190460127160647623_o


The night featured six speakers, ranging from a daring marine life photographer to the owner of a photo booth business run out of an old VW bus.

The night’s lineup included:

11888522_989411041123305_1243483128807302761_oDavid Dennis of David Dennis Photos




11930961_989410907789985_6305724234090554172_oYvonne Falk of Santa Cruz Waves




11893756_989410647790011_2759937612951744413_oShmuel Thaler of the Santa Cruz Sentinel




11896097_989411347789941_8357720608039577622_o-1Aimee Pool of Aimee Pool Photography




11856327_989411524456590_397069956291680136_oGiancarlo Thomae of Thomae Photography




11226565_989411804456562_932433454717428462_oAnthony Alcala of The Booth Bus




Not to leave anyone out, other local photographers, including Angela Aurelio, Alex Kiuchi, Sean McLean, and Dave Alexaner, had the chance to show their work at tables set up around the MAH, and all Santa Cruz photographers were invited to attend the night’s event free of charge








The night was full of inspirational and entertaining stories such as Thomae’s account of that one time (of many) he was out in his kayak and found himself surrounded by great whites. “I heard someone say, ‘There’s a shark behind you!’” Thomae recounts, “so of course I whip out my camera and start taking photos.” Of course.

11895082_989411591123250_2684856859195959968_oLocal comedian DNA put the crowd in stitches with some good ol’ tourist bashing and can’t-go-wrong (at least here in Santa Cruz) Donald Trump jokes. Local musician Jeanne Baldzikowski closed the night by glueing everyone to their seats with her beautiful voice, lively guitar, and magnetic 11856505_989411831123226_346289770974657220_ostage presence – she could also have a career in stand-up! Check out her original compositions and innovative remakes on SoundCloud.


Throughout the evening, cameras clicked and iPhones glowed around the space as 11878974_989410661123343_5943679209875266803_oattendees tried to meet the night’s goal of being the most photographed event in Santa Cruz history. Chip of the Downtown Association described the scene perfectly: “This is an event you should not pick your nose at.”

We’re still gathering photos from community members so are not sure yet if we made it into the local history books – if you took photos of the event, please post them to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with the hashtag #EventSCPhotoBomb!








Check out the writeup of this event in the Santa Cruz Sentinel by Jondi Gumz: Event Santa Cruz showcases Santa Cruz photographers  

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