Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery Helps Local Food Truck Tacos El Chuy


 | April 21, 2020

We had the chance to interview Ashley Robello, Community Outreach and Events person at Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery. We wanted to interview Ashley because we heard about the efforts that she and Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery were involved in to help Tacos El Chuy who were involved in a pretty serious accident that left the food truck in a state where the family were not able to operate their business out of it at this point.

What really struck us about this story is that we are all struggling during the COVID-19 Crisis, and Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery is not exempt from that struggle but they are taking their time and efforts to help another local business. And as mentioned in the interview, it’s more than helping a local business but helping a family. Watch the interview below.

We can support both businesses by of course buying beer from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery here (win / win) and going to the GoFundMe campaign to donate to Tacos El Chuy. Read more here.

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