Santa Cruz New Music Friday


 | August 13, 2021

Some great new music has been coming out of Santa Cruz this week.

Mira Goto just released today her cover of the Tina Turner song “The Best” with rave reviews already.

Alwa Gordon has been on a music release spree. His new song and video “More to Say” could be one of his best songs to date.

Taylor Rae releases her second single “Home on The Road” from her upcoming album Mad Twenty’s. Read about the song here on Taylors blog. Here is also a video of her playing Home on The Road live at Moe’s Alley. Or 6 years ago at our Event Santa Cruz Live event.

Marty O’Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra released on Thursday “Stop Motion”. Every song they release is really just pure gold. (Flashback to when Marty O’Reilly played at our Non-Starving Artists Night Event – Cold Canary Gaslight )

Head over to your favorite music streaming service and give them a listen.

Here is a bonus song from Danny Flavors “Call My Bluff”. The song is not out yet. It comes out September 10th but he played it last week during his set at Midtown Fridays! Summer Block Party. Watch it below.

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  1. So great! Love hearing, and hearing about, the local artists. I knew of Mira Goto (introduced to her by a friend), and I am now a fan. BUT I didn’t know about some other locals. So keep it up!! : )

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