Scrumptious Food Awaits at the Cement Ship at Seacliff State Beach


 | October 11, 2022

Starting this Saturday, October 16, Scrumptious Fish and Chips will serve their award-winning food at the Cement Ship in Aptos, CA.

Fish and Chips are best enjoyed with a beautiful ocean view, precisely what you can expect each Saturday and Sunday until the end of November. The Scrumptious Fish and Chips food truck will have its own private and spacious picnic area just across from the Cement Ship, where guests can enjoy either lunch or dinner. Opening times are 12 pm to 6 pm each Saturday and Sunday. Find the complete calendar of Scrumptious events on their website,

Locally Crafted, Britain Inspired

Like most Aptos residents, Scrumptious owners Tim and Helen Korinth enjoy walking their dog along the beach path at Seacliff State Beach. “We love taking this walk. Each time we pass the old Snack Shack building, we’d say that this area would be a great place to offer our food to locals and tourists.”

Tim and Helen originally hail from a small village in Great Britain. While many things have changed over their years in the US, their craving for authentic, fresh British fish and chips hasn’t. They launched their award-winning food truck just over three years ago to satisfy their longing and bring a bit of Britain to Santa Cruz County. Since then, Scrumptious Fish and Chips has served at local breweries and farmers markets. They’re looking forward to trying out a home of their own at Seacliff State Park.

Scrumptious is known for its authentic scratch-made British-style fish & chips. “We cook our delicious beer-battered fish to order for the freshest, most flavorful experience. We source beer for the batter from local brewers. The British chips are carefully created. Potatoes are peeled, cut, soaked, and then twice fried to create that famous crunchy exterior and fluffy, well-flavored interior,” says Tim. The Scrumptious menu also includes beer-battered shrimp and British bangers. Finally, three loaded chip dishes are available. The Loaded Chicken Tikka Masala Curry, Loaded Garlic, and Loaded Vegan Gauc Chips. Find the full menu on their website.


Best Take Out and Seafood in Santa Cruz, Good Times 2021 and 2022.

Best Food Truck in Scotts Valley 2022, Press Banner. 

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